Why does society think it's all right to discriminate against people with disabilities?

Prejudice and discrimination against disabled people go back and forth; as with any activity that goes back and forth, it's a bear to adjust. People often feel different about groups of individuals than they are about the group as a whole.

Why does society think it is all right to discriminate against people with disabilities? We should stop the prejudice and discrimination and empower disable people. #disablilities #society #prejudice

Let's presume Larry has cerebral palsy and uses motorised wheelchair. If you asked your average, capable person especially children, "Should Larry have the same opportunity to play with the kids in the park? Should the kids feel comfortable to play with Larry?" With a "yes," should a person or kid would probably answer.

Disability shouldn't be discriminated and society at large shouldn't endorse discrimination against disabled people.

Sure there are people who may feel uncomfortable about certain disabilities (not understanding whether the disabled person wishes to accept or tolerate his / her disability). Most people avoid being around people with disease or disabilities because it makes them question their own ability in this situation, so that could be the case with the kids. Failure of society not educating and creating awareness enough can also be a reason for discrimination or prejudice.

However, society was built on its own by the capable majority- did disable people matter? We (disabled people) couldn't access it because the world wasn't built to accommodate them. They have to remain apart from society. Since they didn't see disabled people, the fact that we existed mattered even less. Society fails to understand that we are disabled in different ways either physically, mentally, or spiritually. For me being disabled simply means when you are not enabled to do something. Yes, why don't we give disable people a chance and support/enable them in our society?

Even if what they do or say is unwelcoming to a disabled person, I don't believe that anyone feels good about acting in such a manner, or that society endorses it. Hence, For better results, I sincerely feel there should be more awareness, institutes, and more charities to empower disabled people. The disability Discrimination laws should be enforced.

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