Born To Be A Life Coach? Why I became a life coach

Born to be

Some people are either born with it or not.

Why I became a life coach

In my early years in life, I have always known I had many special things about me: the ability, capacity, and clarity to help, motivate and encourage others to unlock their full potentials.

Those days, I meant the days when communication was only done face to face with the old telephone boots and vintage phones that was so difficult to dial and the noise of a ring that can wake up everyone sleeping or the sound that makes other people around lose focus; however, it was still one memorial I can never forget.

Furthermore, I knew I had the life coaching talent inborn, but in an environment where I almost had everything or felt people around me had it all, so I had to associate myself with people that had nothing because that was the path I chose or my purpose in life. To help and support people and move to the next step in my life.

Further, I did not need to know you to help you or gain something from you to help you, my gain was the self-fulfillment inside me, the soul feels good and nourishing kind of thing. Most of the people I helped did not even know my background or knew me to even try to help me in return, but that was always being the person I was, to be honest. I kept my personal life from people and kept their secrets because I felt my purpose was to help and support them and move on!

However, coming from a middle class to a well-to-do family I never let that affect my empathy and support for others neither did I look down on others who did not have this privilege, instead, I embraced them and tried to understand them without prejudice or bias. One thing for sure is that if you were around me, I wished you well and always wanted you to succeed because I regarded you as a friend even if it was going to either be long-term or short-term.


You are either born with it or not, do not get me wrong it is good to learn the skills to become a life coach, but that cannot take you far if you do not have the burning passion, desire, and inborn talent. To be born with it, you need to have the qualities that are natural to you. A gift is something given which in these terms, the coaching skills you learned, either through experience and hard work or just the effort you put into it becomes what you desire. However, either way, you need the talent and gift (experience) to become a successful life coach.

Furthermore, if you are not born with the talent you can learn it as a gift (skills), but you need the burning desire, passion, effort, and experience to become one, however, even people born with it need that too.

Moreover, my definition of a life coach is a person who is either born or unborn with it, that can help and encourage you to have clarity and unlock your human potentials, so you can maximise your live performance and be happy. Nevertheless, life coaches keep developing new skills, techniques, and tools to enhance people’s lives.

Furthermore, I believe we all have goodness inside and relatively the negative side of us, but your choice matters and what you want the world to remember you as.

Personal development and transformation are what make a true-life coaching session successful, hence life coaches help and encourage you to succeed in life and get clarity of your goals.