The Power of Presence: A Few Simple Ways to Enjoy Life More Now

Are you feeling sad right now? Do you think that you are not living life to the fullest?

Is happiness something that seems impossible right now?

The truth is, happiness can only be found within you and the most important thing is to be grateful.

If you have trouble with this because you have been through a lot, we don't blame you. It can be discouraging, but don't worry because we have your back.

The Power of Presence : The Ugly Truth WHY THE PAST, PRESENT AND THE FUTURE IS NOW

The past is for you to learn from, the future is the unknown of the present of the NOW!

The present is the beginning of the future, Now is the time to be happy, enjoy, forgive, and be productive not yesterday or tomorrow. Yesterday you were productive in the past but now is the #power of the presence.

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All is time and the past, present and the future is an experience of time. The experience is both negative and positive and both are the balance of the mind.

The hope of life and a better tomorrow is now not yesterday or the future.

Looking forward to the future starts now, your lifetime rewards (tangible or intangible) will be directly proportional to your contribution. It is not too late and never too late if you start now!

The past is history, the present is a gift and the future is unknown.

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