The Truth Why You Are Not What You Think About

It's not what you think or feels you are, but it's what you do and don't do. It can be really worrying if you don't have the right thoughts but hey while worry and lose your sleep over it.

The Truth Why You Are Not What You Think About

Thoughts can just be worthless if that thought doesn't justify the means of action because it is through the doing (action) that justifies the reaction or result.

What if I tell you that who you are is how you react to each circumstance you encounter. Thoughts are a balance of positive and negative in our minds whether we like it or not, so it is what we make out of every thought that matters.

How negative are you to say what you think about is who we are? Or how positive are you to say what you think is who you are? You only know that you are thinking positively because you have the balance of both thoughts in your conscious mind.

What you reap is what you sow, isn't that what you do is what you get? Don't get me wrong it is good to think positive but how far can that get us if we don't actually act!

Be an optimist, not a pessimist but act on your thoughts!

I believe your subconscious mind is what you are because it doesn't know the balance of good or bad, it just acts upon your conscious mind or itself. It is programmed to act not to think. Your subconscious mind is your spirit being that never sleeps even when you are asleep.

Three Reasons Why You Are Not What You Think About

1. Hypnotic rhythm is regarded as a universal process, it's the force that collectively controls the natural direction of the planet, moon, galaxies, and ecosystems. It's the rule of hypnotic rhythm that becomes a habit when you engage in something that you don't think about, and it's the subconscious.

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2. Talk to your subconscious mind and it will act upon what you think about because thinking without acting is worthless.

Turn that problem into an adventure, project and never loss your enthusiasm.

A person is not a writer until he/she starts to write even if it is thought about day and night.

3. Thoughts (positive or negative), words and deeds = results and reaction, so your deeds and results are what you are. Haven't you seen someone saying one thing and doing something totally different?