Relationships are fluid and altered with the changes and new situations. But are humans complex in relationships too?

We have heard of friend(s) who never liked partying, drinking or going late nights but suddenly starts engaging in late nights and drinking because she met a great guy or something alone that line, but she says it has nothing to do with her new party animal boyfriend?

He says it has nothing to do with his new party animal girlfriend....

I remember when I was 24 years and had a girlfriend who was a party animal and liked going out so much that just because I loved her in no time I started to do the same...

Are these pure coincidences, or is there something at work?

True relationships are fluid and altered with the changes and new situations. But are people complex in relationships too?

We humans are most affected by other people around us and our environment plays a vital role in how we think and act.

You might say how did your partner change your behaviour and habits, it is because the negative environment influence your thoughts which affects your mindset and subconsciously changes your behaviour patterns and actions.

The law of cause and effect.

We cannot change our circumstances, but we can change our mindset even before the deed is done.

The reason why your friend or I changed was that because falling in love changes oneself and lead to self-constriction.

Just as a new love can imitate bad habits, so it could cut off some good qualities... we subconsciously change without even realizing we have.

Are you going to leave a bad relationship or try to fix it?

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My suggestion is you need to weigh the level of changes especially negatively and how much sacrifice you're willing to make it work without it taking the worst of you.

A man is what he thinks about, your thoughts is the flow of ideas either positive or negative and when the thoughts are repeated over and again, the power of your subconscious mind helps your thoughts come true.

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Hey, keep in mind that just as much as you are under your partner's influence your partner is also under your influence.

So if you as a person as mastered the act of calmness, act of positive thinking and mastery of destiny, you can change your partner's negative mindset and habits. Even if you can't, it will be hard for your partner to change yours.

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Hmm, lets be positive here right? In a relationship both partners are under influence of each other. So, if you have mastered the act of thought it is possible to over power your partners negative thoughts.

Use your power of thought wisely, and choose a partner who is already what you need and are looking for, so you can devote your energies to enjoying your time together, instead of trying to change that person into someone else.

Negative thoughts subconsciously result to bad habits in a relationship.

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