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joseph desilva
Nov 19, 2021
In Health & wellness
Lexmark printer printing blank pages are efficient enough to offer you high-quality prints whether you are using them for business purposes or for home-usage. Generally, Lexmark printers do not give you technical glitches and offer you excellent printing solutions, however, you may still come across problems while using your Lexmark printer. But, this is not the main concern of our today’s topic. The first thing we will do is try to understand the reason behind the Lexmark printer printing blank pages. How to reset to factory settings on Lexmark printersOpen the printer's web page and Sign in as Administrator. 1. On the menu select Settings. 2. Select Device. 3. Select Restore Factory Defaults. 4. Select Restore all settings. 5. Select Start. 6. Select Start. 7. Set date and time. For more:- Lexmark Wireless Printer Problems | Lexmark printer to WiFi